BMW – The power of action

June 11, 2021

The music playing in the BMW The power of action advert is a song called ‘Higher Power’, by the artist ‘Coldplay’.

The Song

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Video Description

Joint global campaign plays to the rhythm of Coldplay's new hit. "Higher Power" becomes the soundtrack for TV commercials for the debut of the new all-electric BMW models.

Local emission-free driving pleasure has never been greater than with the first-ever BMW iX and the first-ever BMW i4. The fitting soundtrack for the debut of the latest all-electric models is called "Higher Power" and comes from the Warner Music band Coldplay. You can hear the quartet's latest single in the TV commercials filmed for launching the joint worldwide communication campaign for the two new models. It delivers the perfect message with the lyric line "This joy is electric". The song for a new era of individual mobility marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between BMW and Coldplay.

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